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At GacelaHost, we pride ourselves on working with our own servers, optimized and configured for WordPress.

Server Offer

Does your business really need to hire a dedicated server or VPS for your WordPress website?

Due to lack of knowledge, many companies hire servers with much broader resources than they actually need, generating a constant and unnecessary loss of money.

At GacelaHost, we are experts not only in WordPress but also in the management, optimization, and configuration of dedicated servers to maximize their resources in WordPress installations.

If you believe your business needs dedicated resources, we invite you to review our offer of fully managed servers, but if you’re not sure, contact us for a free consultation.

Free Consultation

Fully FREE Hosting

If you don’t need dedicated resources, any of our maintenance and specialized support plans for WordPress will be perfect for your business.

WordPress Support and Maintenance Plans

Offer of VPS and Dedicated Servers fully managed by WordPress experts

Our experts take care of keeping your server fully updated and secure.


4 GB Memory
2 vCPUs Processor
80 GB SSD Disk
4 TB Transfer

Monthly Annual


8 GB Memory
2 vCPUs Processor
160 GB SSD Disk
5 TB Transfer

Monthly Annual


16 GB Memory
4 vCPUs Processor
320 GB SSD Disk
6 TB Transfer

Monthly Annual

Dedicado 32 GB

32 GB Memory
4 Cores Processor
500 GB SSD Disk
8 TB Transfer

Monthly Annual

Dedicado 64 GB

64 GB Memory
8 Cores Processor
2 x 500 GB SSD Disk
10 TB Transfer

Monthly Annual

Dedicado 128 GB

128 GB Memory
20 Cores Processor
2 x 1 TB SSD Disk
20 TB Transfer

Monthly Annual

Managed Servers by WordPress & WooCommerce Experts

At GacelaHost, we offer the most comprehensive server management service for WordPress & WooCommerce. We take care of all the technical aspects, including configuration, optimization, and security.

With us, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your server and website are in the hands of experts with extensive experience, ready to provide the necessary support when you need it.

Companies of All Sizes Trust Us